The Microbial Kinome

Eukaryotic protein kinases have a wealth of distant relatives in prokaryotes which share the same fold (Protein Kinase-Like or PKL) and catalytic mechanism. Only a few of these have been studied in depth, but recent genome and metagenome sequencing efforts now provide thousands of such relatives. We recently collaborated with the Venter Institute Global Ocean Survey project to predict Protein Kinase Like (PKL) genes in their metagenomic sequences and in public databases, and classified and analyzed over 45,000 PKL sequences:
Structure and function of the microbial kinome.
Natarajan, K, Taylor, S, Zhai, Y, Venter, C, Manning, G (2007)
PLoS Biol. 5(3): e17 (Press Release)

What did we find?

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