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This is a mock family, containing genes which are members of the AGC group, but cannot be placed into any of the known conserved AGC families
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Protein Domain
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Genes (8)

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F28C10.3 Nematode worm AGC : AGC-Unique F28C10.3, aSWK028, CE07156
CC1G_00654 C.cinerea AGC : AGC-Unique CC1G_00654
CC1G_04354 C.cinerea AGC : AGC-Unique CC1G_04354
CC1G_11631 C.cinerea AGC : AGC-Unique CC1G_11631
CC1G_15537 C.cinerea AGC : AGC-Unique CC1G_15537
pk3 Slime mold AGC : AGC-Unique DdisK001, pk3, DDB0220130, pkgC
LmjF03.0780 L.major AGC : AGC-Unique LmjF03.0780, LmajK001
LmjF30.0800 L.major AGC : AGC-Unique LmjF30.0800, LmajK002