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Actin Fragmin Kinase, found only in slime molds (Physarum and Dictyostelium)
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Protein Domain
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Gains and losses of Family AFK

Presence across species

Genes (4)

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DDB0187708 Slime mold Atypical : AFK DDB0187708, actin fragmin kinase-like protein 3, DdisK251
DDB0190004 Slime mold Atypical : AFK DdisK252, DDB0190004, actin fragmin kinase-like protein 1
DDB0190056 Slime mold Atypical : AFK DDB0190056, actin fragmin kinase-like protein 2, DdisK253
DDB0231760 Slime mold Atypical : AFK actin fragmin kinase, DdisK254, DDB0231760