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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
Gains and losses of Family Uni1

Presence across species

Genes (6)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
DDB0231326 Slime mold Other : Uni1 DdisK113, DDB0231326
12856 Tetrahymena Other : Uni1 95.m00102, TTHERM_00653690, 3825.m02510, PreTt12856, 12856, 170
GL50803_16436 G.lamblia Other : Uni1 GL50803_16436, GK071
80596.m00224 T.vaginalis Other : Uni1 80596.m00224, TvagK0895
90210.m00287 T.vaginalis Other : Uni1 90210.m00287, TvagK0896
96145.m00178 T.vaginalis Other : Uni1 TvagK0897, 96145.m00178