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Gains and losses of Subfamily SrcA

Presence across species

Genes (8)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
FGR Human TK : Src : SrcA FLJ43153, FGR, SRC2, MGC75096, p55c-fgr, p58c-fgr, c-fgr, c-src2
FYN Human TK : Src : SrcA FYN, SYN, MGC45350, SLK
SRC Human TK : Src : SrcA p60-Src, SRC, SRC1, ASV, c-SRC
YES Human TK : Src : SrcA HsT441, c-yes, C-YES, Yes, YES, P61-YES, YES1
FGR Mouse TK : Src : SrcA Fgr, FGR
FYN Mouse TK : Src : SrcA Fyn, FYN
SRC Mouse TK : Src : SrcA SRC, Src
YES Mouse TK : Src : SrcA YES, Yes