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Welcome to WiKinome, a resource for of kinases and kinase signaling. Wikinome will include information on kinases and kinomes, with a focus on their evolution and function. We will include a page for every kinase family and subfamily: some are already fairly complete, like CDK20 or Erk7 but most are still under development or not-even written. We welcome contributors for all pages! We are also developing other pages on different kinase topics - see below for a partial listing.

Introduction to Kinases

A general introduction to protein kinases.

Kinase Classification

Of the hundreds of kinases in the genome, how are they organized and classified?

Protein Kinase Evolution

Where did they come from, and how did they get to where they are now?

Kinome Topics

Phosphorylation on unusual amino acids

Assembling the scattered evidence for phosphorylation on histidine, aspartate, cysteine, lysine, and arginine.

Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Dictyostelium

Dictyostelium lacks typical tyrosine kinases (TK) but may have advanced receptor-based phosphotyrosine signaling.

Phosphotyrosine binding domains

Evolution of SH2 domains

Origin and development of the most important phospho-tyrosine binding domain.

Phospho-Serine/Threonine binding domains

Human-Mouse Kinome Update

Supporting material for our re-analysis of the human and mouse kinomes.

Dual-Specificity Kinases

Kinases that phosphorylate on Tyrosine as well as Serine/Threonine.


Proteins with kinase domains that lack predicted catalytic activity.

Kinase Glossary