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Wikinome is a online encyclopedia and research resource for the biology, genomics, and evolution of kinases. It provides a big-picture view of many aspects of kinase biology, and a variety of original research findings that don't fit easily into traditional publications. Wikinome currently has 3 major areas of focus:

  • Articles for every kinase group, family, and subfamily, explaining their functions in the light of evolution - in many cases this is the first time where functions of family members from different species have been integrated to a unified picture, using both traditional publications and data from large-scale databases and sequence analysis.
  • General topics on kinase biology and evolution that are not well reviewed otherwise but help support our broad analysis of kinase biology.
  • Unpublished findings from kinase sequence and evolution analysis that are often too specialized or small to merit traditional publication (or that we never got around to publishing). Many of these are integrated into the class-specific pages.

Wikinome is a project of the Manning lab at the Salk Institute. Like most Wiki's, we strongly welcome contributions from throughout the research community, on everything from correcting details and clarifying the text, to new directions and major projects for the site. Our overriding goal is to increase understanding of kinase biology.