Kinase Subfamily MOK

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Kinase Classification: Group CMGC: Family RCK: MOK


MOK is a primordial eukaryotic kinase, predicted to be in the last common ancestor of all eukaryotes. However, it has been lost from several lineages, including nematodes, insects, fungi, and higher plants. The single human member is called MOK (MAPK/MAK/MRK Overlapping Kinase), also known as RAGE1 (renal tumor antigen)

Domain Structure

All MOK kinases have an N-terminal kinase domain and a variable length (~100-300 AA) C-terminal tail without any known domains.


<to be added> Human MOK is expressed in cytoplasm and stained the Golgi in one cell line ( LF4 is a Chlamydomonas MOK which interacts genetically with LF2 (a CDK20 subfamily kinase) in regulating flagellum growth.


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