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TBC domain-containing Kinase
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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
Gains and losses of Family TBCK

Presence across species

Genes (6)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
TBCK Human Other : TBCK MGC16169, TBCK, HSPC302
TBCK Mouse Other : TBCK TBCK, A630047E20Rik
TBCK Sea Urchin Other : TBCK SPU_017455, Spk193, TBCK
CG4041 Fruit Fly Other : TBCK CG4041, SFO120
C33F10.2 Nematode worm Other : TBCK aSWK243, CE02529, C33F10.2
TBCK Slime mold Other : TBCK DDB0231329, DdisK132, TBCK