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Kinase Classification: Group PKL: Family CAK: Subfamily ChoK

Choline Kinases phosphorylate choline and ethanolamine as part of the biosynthesis of the membrane phospholipids phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylethanolamine.


ChoK is found in in most eukaryotes and some bacteria. Distinct choline and ethanolamine kinase genes are seen in most organisms, and vertebrates have two of each: choline kinases CHKA and CHKB, and ethanolamine kinases ETNK1 and ETNK2

Domain Structure

ChoK have a PKL catalytic domain and lack other identified domains.


Choline Kinases phosphorylate choline and ethanolamine as part of the biosynthesis of membrane lipids. ChoK has been implicated as a cancer driver and potential target [1, 2], possibly through a non-catalytic function [3]. ENTK1 mutations are seen in a variety of leukemias [4]


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