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Activation loop
Current eventsD166D184
Dual-Specificity KinasesE91EPK
EumetazoanEvolution of SH2 domainsEvolution of tyrosine kinases
G-rich loop
H11HolozoanHuman-Mouse Kinome Update
Introduction to KinasesK72
Kinase Families MAK2 and MAK3Kinase Family AckKinase Family Alpha
Kinase Family BCRKinase Family BLVRAKinase Family BRD
Kinase Family BubKinase Family CAKKinase Family CAMKK
Kinase Family CAMKLKinase Family CCK4Kinase Family CDK
Kinase Family CDKLKinase Family CK2Kinase Family COL4A3BP
Kinase Family CskKinase Family DDRKinase Family DYRK
Kinase Family FN3KKinase Family FruK
Kinase Family G11Kinase Family GAPDHKinase Family GASK
Kinase Family IPKKinase Family IPPK
Kinase Family IRAKKinase Family ITPKKinase Family LISK
Kinase Family LRRKKinase Family LmrKinase Family MAPK
Kinase Family MAPKAPKKinase Family MLCKKinase Family MLK
Kinase Family MLKLKinase Family NDRKinase Family NKF1
Kinase Family NKF5Kinase Family NNK1Kinase Family PAN3
Kinase Family PDHKKinase Family PEKKinase Family PIK
Kinase Family PIKKKinase Family PIM
Kinase Family PIPKKinase Family PKAKinase Family PKG
Kinase Family PLKKinase Family POMKKinase Family PRR1
Kinase Family PTFKinase Family PVRKinase Family RAD51B
Kinase Family RAFKinase Family RCKKinase Family RESK
Kinase Family RIPKKinase Family RSKKinase Family RSKL
Kinase Family RSKRKinase Family SCYLKinase Family STE11
Kinase Family STE20Kinase Family STE7Kinase Family STKR
Kinase Family SgK071Kinase Family SlobKinase Family Src
Kinase Family SykKinase Family TAMKinase Family TGM
Kinase Family TKL-Sp1Kinase Family TKL-UniqueKinase Family TSSK
Kinase Family TecKinase Family TrblKinase Family Trio
Kinase Family ULKKinase Family VKRKinase Family Wee
Kinase Functional ClassifictionKinase GlossaryKinase Group AGC
Kinase Group AtypicalKinase Group CAMKKinase Group CK1
Kinase Group CMGCKinase Group HisKKinase Group NDK
Kinase Group OtherKinase Group PKL
Kinase Group PyKKinase Group RGCKinase Group SAPPK
Kinase Group STEKinase Group TKKinase Group TKL
Kinase PRKYKinase Subfamily AFK
Kinase Subfamily ASKKinase Subfamily AlphaK1
Kinase Subfamily AlphaK2Kinase Subfamily CDC15Kinase Subfamily CDK1
Kinase Subfamily CDK11Kinase Subfamily CDK14Kinase Subfamily CDK16
Kinase Subfamily CDK20Kinase Subfamily CDK4Kinase Subfamily ChaK
Kinase Subfamily ChoKKinase Subfamily DYRKPKinase Subfamily ERK1
Kinase Subfamily ERK3Kinase Subfamily ERK5Kinase Subfamily ERK7
Kinase Subfamily FAM198Kinase Subfamily FAM20A
Kinase Subfamily FAM20BKinase Subfamily FJKinase Subfamily HH498
Kinase Subfamily HYKKKinase Subfamily ILKKinase Subfamily IP3K
Kinase Subfamily JNKKinase Subfamily KACADKinase Subfamily Kit
Kinase Subfamily LIMKKinase Subfamily LZKKinase Subfamily MAK
Kinase Subfamily MARKKinase Subfamily MEK5Kinase Subfamily MEKK2
Kinase Subfamily MK2Kinase Subfamily MK5Kinase Subfamily MLK
Kinase Subfamily MNKKinase Subfamily MOKKinase Subfamily MSK
Kinase Subfamily NDKAKinase Subfamily NDKBKinase Subfamily NDKC
Kinase Subfamily NDKDKinase Subfamily NDKEKinase Subfamily NuaK
Kinase Subfamily PDGFRKinase Subfamily PI4K2Kinase Subfamily PKR
Kinase Subfamily PKXKinase Subfamily PLK2Kinase Subfamily RSKp70
Kinase Subfamily RSKp90Kinase Subfamily SgK493Kinase Subfamily TAK1
Kinase Subfamily TESKKinase Subfamily TrioKinase Subfamily Unc89
Kinase Subfamily VEGFRKinase Subfamily ZAKKinase Subfamily eEF2K
Kinase Subfamily nmoKinase Subfamily p38Kinase classification
Main PageMetazoanN171
Phospho-Serine/Threonine binding domainsPhosphorylation on unusual amino acidsPlant tyrosine kinases
PrimordialProtein Kinase EvolutionPseudokinases
Standard Kinase Classification SchemeTKL-Sp1 Draft AnalysisTwinfilin/A6
Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Dictyostelium