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Also known as TAM (Tyro3, Axl, Mer) after the three human members.
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Protein Domain
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Gains and losses of Family Axl

Presence across species

Genes (6)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
AXL Human TK : Axl Ark, AXL, UFO
MER Human TK : Axl C-MER, MER, MGC133349, MERTK, mer, c-mer
TYRO3 Human TK : Axl DTK, RSE, Brt, SKY, BYK, TIF, Tif, TYRO3
AXL Mouse TK : Axl Axl, AXL
MER Mouse TK : Axl Mertk, MER
TYRO3 Mouse TK : Axl Tyro3, TYRO3