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Bromodomain containing kinases
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Protein Domain
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Gains and losses of Family BRD

Presence across species

Genes (15)

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BRD2 Human Atypical : BRD KIAA9001, NAT, FSRG1, RING3, D6S113E, FLJ31942, DKFZp686N0336, RNF3, BRD2
BRD3 Human Atypical : BRD RING3L, ORFX, KIAA0043, BRD3
BRD4 Human Atypical : BRD BRD4, MCAP, CAP, HUNKI
BRDT Human Atypical : BRD BRDT, BRD6
BRD2 Mouse Atypical : BRD Brd2, BRD2
BRD3 Mouse Atypical : BRD Brd3, BRD3
BRD4 Mouse Atypical : BRD BRD4, WI-11513
BRDT Mouse Atypical : BRD BRDT, Fsrg3
BRD Sea Urchin Atypical : BRD SPU_006720, BRD, Spk039
F13C5.2 Nematode worm Atypical : BRD F13C5.2, aSWK466
F57C7.1b Nematode worm Atypical : BRD F57C7.1b, aSWK465
Y119C1B.8 Nematode worm Atypical : BRD Y119C1B.8, aSWK443, CE25214
AqueK041 A.queenslandica Atypical : BRD AqueK041
DDB0220693 Slime mold Atypical : BRD DdisK261, DDB0220693
DDB0220694 Slime mold Atypical : BRD DDB0220694, DdisK262