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New Kinase Family 1. Name defined by Sugen.
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Protein Domain
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Gains and losses of Family NKF1

Presence across species

Genes (10)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
SBK Human Other : NKF1 SBK, SBK1, Sbk
SgK069 Human Other : NKF1 SgK069, LOC646643
SgK110 Human Other : NKF1 SgK110, LOC646643
SBK Mouse Other : NKF1 SBK, Sbk-pending
SgK069 Mouse Other : NKF1 SgK069
SgK110 Mouse Other : NKF1 SgK110
NKF1 Sea Urchin Other : NKF1 SPU_014253, NKF1, Spk180
CG11221 Fruit Fly Other : NKF1 SFO093, CG11221, PKN
CG4945 Fruit Fly Other : NKF1 CT15864, PKN, CG4945, SFO026
C01C4.3 Nematode worm Other : NKF1 C01C4.3, aSWK232, C01C4.3a, YWY3_CAEEL, CE30845