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Kinase Classification: Group Other: Family Bub

Bub1 is an essential mitotic checkpoint kinase in most eukaryotes.


Bub1 is found in most eukaryotes, and has a key role in cell cycle

Domain Structure

The ancestral state of Bub1 has an N-terminal KEN box, followed by TPR repeats and a GLEBS domain, and finally a C-terminal kinase domain. In at least 9 different evolutionary lineages, Bub1 has duplicated, with one copy typically losing the kinase domain (often called MAD3) and the other losing the KEN box [1]. In vertebrates, the MAD3 homolog is BUB1, and retains the kinase domain, though it appears to be a pseudokinase.


Bub1 is a mitotic checkpoint kinase with functions in the establishment of the mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) and chromosome congression (see Wikipedia).


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