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Kinase Classification: Group Other: Kinase Family CAMKK

CAMKK is a CAM kinase kinase; activates CAMK1 upon calmodulin-binding. It is also known to be an upstream kinase for AMPK kinases.

Change in classification

The subfamilies "CAMKK-Meta", "CAMKK-ELM" and "CAMKK-Unclassified" were retired in September 2010. In the original comparison of yeast and animal kinases, the ELM genes of yeast were particularly distinct from the metazoan kinases, and so split into different subfamilies. It is now clear that other fungal CAMKKs and even more basal CAMKKs (Dictyostelium, excavates, ciliates) are more similar to the metazoan form, and that the S. cerevisiae genes are probably just fast-evolving sequences. There are now no subfamilies for CAMKK.


Domain Structure