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Gains and losses of Subfamily WEE1

Presence across species

Genes (9)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
Wee1 Human Other : WEE : WEE1 FLJ16446, Wee1, WEE1, DKFZp686I18166, WEE1hu
Wee1B Human Other : WEE : WEE1 FLJ40852, Wee1B
Wee1 Mouse Other : WEE : WEE1 Wee1
Wee1B Mouse Other : WEE : WEE1 Wee1B
Wee1a Sea Urchin Other : WEE : WEE1 SPU_014185, Spk209, Wee1a
Wee1b Sea Urchin Other : WEE : WEE1 SPU_027012, Spk211, Wee1b
wee Fruit Fly Other : WEE : WEE1 wee, Wee, CG4488, Dwee, SFO094, Wee1, WEE1, wee1, Dwee1
AqueK218 A.queenslandica Other : WEE : WEE1 AqueK218
DDB0220004 Slime mold Other : WEE : WEE1 DdisK138, DDB0220004