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Breakpoint Cluster Region kinase. Name denotes frequency of recombination at the BCR locus, particularly with the Abl tryrosine kinase, leading to the leukemia-inducing BCR-Abl oncoprotein.
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ABR Human Atypical : BCR ABR
BCR Human Atypical : BCR BCR1, CML, D22S11, PHL, D22S662, ALL, FLJ16453, FGFR1/BCR, BCR/FGFR1, BCR
ABR Mouse Atypical : BCR ABR
BCR Mouse Atypical : BCR 5133400C09Rik, BCR
BCR Sea Urchin Atypical : BCR SPU_007086, BCR, Spk038
RhoGAP1A Fruit Fly Atypical : BCR RhoGAP1A