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Transcriptional Intermediary Factor
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Gains and losses of Family TIF1

Presence across species

Genes (10)

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TIF1D Human Atypical : TIF1 TIF1D
TIF1a Human Atypical : TIF1 RNF82, TRIM24, TIF1a, hTIF1, TF1A, TIF1ALPHA, TIF1A, TIF1, PTC6
TIF1b Human Atypical : TIF1 TRIM28, KAP1, TIF1b, RNF96, FLJ29029, TIF1B, TF1B
TIF1g Human Atypical : TIF1 FLJ32925, TIF1GAMMA, TRIM33, TIF1G, TIF1g, TIFGAMMA, PTC7, RFG7, TF1G
TIF1D Mouse Atypical : TIF1 TIF1D
TIF1a Mouse Atypical : TIF1 Trim24, TIF1a
TIF1b Mouse Atypical : TIF1 TIF1b, Trim28
TIF1g Mouse Atypical : TIF1 Trim33, TIF1g
TIF1 Sea Urchin Atypical : TIF1 SPU_005708, Spk057, SpEctodermin, TIF1
bon Fruit Fly Atypical : TIF1 bon