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Gains and losses of Family VPS15

Presence across species

Genes (18)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
PIK3R4 Human Other : VPS15 MGC102700, VPS15, PIK3R4, p150, P150
PIK3R4 Mouse Other : VPS15 Pik3r4, PIK3R4
VPS15 Sea Urchin Other : VPS15 VPS15, Spk359, SPU_017786
CG9746 Fruit Fly Other : VPS15 CG9746, SFO036
ZK930.1 Nematode worm Other : VPS15 ZK930.1, CE06671, aSWK257
AqueK216 A.queenslandica Other : VPS15 AqueK216
VPS15 Bakers Yeast Other : VPS15 VPS15
CC1G_08691 C.cinerea Other : VPS15 CC1G_08691
Vps15 Slime mold Other : VPS15 Vps15, DDB0216334, DdisK136
15015 Tetrahymena Other : VPS15 TTHERM_00543670, 1106, 3729.m00022, PreTt15015, 15015, 71.m00142
GL50803_113456 G.lamblia Other : VPS15 GL50803_113456, GK073
LmjF28.1760 L.major Other : VPS15 LmajK153, LmjF28.1760
84085.m00082 T.vaginalis Other : VPS15 84085.m00082, TvagK0873
89234.m00107 T.vaginalis Other : VPS15 89234.m00107, TvagK0874
90455.m00097 T.vaginalis Other : VPS15 90455.m00097, TvagK0875
94489.m00120 T.vaginalis Other : VPS15 94489.m00120, TvagK0876
VPS15-1 S.moellendorffii Other : VPS15 VPS15-1
VPS15-2 S.moellendorffii Other : VPS15 VPS15-2