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Activated Cdc42-associated tyrosine kinase
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Gains and losses of Family Ack

Presence across species

Genes (11)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
ACK Human TK : Ack TNK2, ACK, FLJ44758, ACK1, FLJ45547, p21cdc42Hs
TNK1 Human TK : Ack TNK1, MGC46193
ACK Mouse TK : Ack ACK, Tnk2
TNK1 Mouse TK : Ack TNK1, Tnk1
Ack1 Sea Urchin TK : Ack SPU_028412, Spk254, Ack1
Ack2 Sea Urchin TK : Ack SPU_024332, Spk255, Ack2
Ack3 Sea Urchin TK : Ack SPU_014812, Spk351, Ack3
Ack Fruit Fly TK : Ack dACK, CG14992, Ack, SFO085, ACK, DACK, ACK2, BcDNA:GH10777
PR2 Fruit Fly TK : Ack Rp2, DPR2, DRODPR2, SFO018, PR2/ACK, DmHD-11, PR2, focal adhesion kinase, HD-11, CG3969
ark-1 Nematode worm TK : Ack aSWK328, ark-1, C01C7.1, CE26967, rok-1
kin-25 Nematode worm TK : Ack YWR1_CAEEL, B0302.1, Cehd-20, CE03866, aSWK327, B0302.1a, kin-25, B0302.1A