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Cell Division Control 7
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Gains and losses of Family CDC7

Presence across species

Genes (17)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
CDC7 Human Other : CDC7 huCDC7, CDC7L1, MGC126238, MGC126237, Hsk1, MGC117361, HsCDC7, CDC7
CDC7 Mouse Other : CDC7 Cdc7l1, CDC7
Cdc7 Sea Urchin Other : CDC7 Spk157, SPU_000046, Cdc7
CG5790 Fruit Fly Other : CDC7 CDC 7-related, SFO112, CG5790
CG8655 Fruit Fly Other : CDC7 CDC 7-related, SFO123, CT25072, CG8655
C34G6.5 Nematode worm Other : CDC7 C34G6.5, CE26909, aSWK187
AqueK154 A.queenslandica Other : CDC7 AqueK154
CDC7 Bakers Yeast Other : CDC7 CDC7
CC1G_08833 C.cinerea Other : CDC7 CC1G_08833
Cdc7 Slime mold Other : CDC7 DdisK077, DDB0231210, Cdc7
7318 Tetrahymena Other : CDC7 7318, 313, 3739.m00068, 118.m00146, TTHERM_00729170, PreTt07318
GL50803_112076 G.lamblia Other : CDC7 GL50803_112076, GK046
86827.m00367 T.vaginalis Other : CDC7 86827.m00367, TvagK0919
86997.m00231 T.vaginalis Other : CDC7 TvagK0920, 86997.m00231
93234.m00202 T.vaginalis Other : CDC7 TvagK0921, 93234.m00202
CDC7_a S.moellendorffii Other : CDC7 CDC7_a
CDC7_b S.moellendorffii Other : CDC7 CDC7_b